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Solution #1 to the Dysfunctional Political System in America

Posted by Digger Cartwright
Digger Cartwright
Robert “Digger” Cartwright is the author of several mystery stories, teleplays, and novels including The Versa...
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on Tuesday, 20 March 2012 in Politics

We all know that the current atmosphere in Washington, D.C. can be described as dysfunctional.  I’ve been giving a lot of thought to ways that our dysfunctional political system could be fixed.  Here’s what I’ve come up with.

8 Solutions to the Dysfunctional Political System in America


Today, I'll expand on solution #1:


·         Term Limits—Our Founding Fathers did not envision a system in which we had career politicians.  Serving in the government was an honor, but it was a short-lived responsibility.  Our leaders back then were planters, lawyers, tradesmen, businessmen, first and foremost.  They were politicians second.  They served their country then went home and back to their careers and business.  Were there some career politicians?  Yes, but nothing like the number of career politicians that we have today.  Term limits today would take away power in the hands of a few senior senators and congressmen who control powerful committees that make laws, develop budgets, etc.  Serving in the Congress should not be about amassing power because you’ve been there the longest.  Serving in the Congress should be about doing what is best for America. 


If you’re a newly elected congressman, the first thing that is going to happen when you get to the Capitol is that leaders from your party are going to say this, “You’re going to vote for this, this and this, and we’re going to put you on this committee and you’re going to do this.  If you don’t do what we tell you to do, you’ll be put in the icebox and never get anything for your district.”  The Congress shouldn’t work that way.  Each and every elected representative should be on equal footing with everyone else there.  Term limits would bring fresh blood and new ideas into the government on a more regular basis and perhaps do away with bitter, long running rivalries between certain personalities on opposing parties.  If the President of the United States has a term limit, why shouldn’t the members of the Congress also have a term limit?    


What do you think?

Do you see it?  

Do you see other solutions?

Please comment and join the conversation.


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Robert “Digger” Cartwright is the author of several mystery stories, teleplays, and novels including The Versailles Conspiracy, a modern day political thriller, and Murder at the Ocean Forest, a traditional mystery novel set in the 1940s. Mr. Cartwright is also a noted industrialist, investor, and director of several private companies. In the business realm, he has contributed to a number of articles on a wide range of financial, strategic planning, and policy topics and is the contributing author of several finance/economic books. He frequently contributes articles, commentaries, and editorials for the private think tank, Thinking Outside the Boxe. He divides his time between Washington, D.C., South Carolina, and Florida.


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