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6 Signs You’re A Subversive - Part 1

Posted by Digger Cartwright
Digger Cartwright
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on Friday, 15 June 2012
in Politics

6 Signs You’re A Subversive

First, I think it’s appropriate for this article to make the distinction between communism, socialism, and social democracy.  Second, it’s necessary to define subversive to understand how this relates to the topic at hand.  All definitions come from www.wikipedia.com.


Communism is a revolutionary socialist movement to create a classless, moneyless, and stateless social order structured upon common ownership of the means of production, as well as a social, political and economic ideology that aims at the establishment of this social order.  According to communist theory, the only way to abolish capitalist inequalities is to have the proletariat (working class), who collectively constitute the main producer of wealth in society, and who are perpetually exploited and marginalised by the bourgeoisie (wealthy class), to overthrow the capitalist system in a wide-ranging social revolution.

Socialism is an economic system characterised by social ownership and/or control of the means of production and cooperative management of the economy, and a political philosophy advocating such a system.

Subversion refers to an attempt to transform the established social order and its structures of power, authority, and hierarchy.  The term has taken over from ‘sedition’ as the name for illicit rebellion, though the connotations of the two words are rather different, sedition suggesting overt attacks on institutions, subversion something much more surreptitious, such as eroding the basis of belief in the status quo or setting people against each other.


 It is my contention that there is a vast subversive movement in America right now with these subversives attempting to erode our values and corrupt our system of government.  These subversives are attempting to pit Americans against Americans with the goal of causing our political and economic systems to collapse.  Here are some signs that may suggest someone is a subversive.  If you know someone who exhibits these characteristics, be aware and be advised that they may be a subversive working against America.  Contact your local law enforcement officials at once if you believe someone you know is a subversive.


·         You support Obamacare

Universal healthcare is a crown jewel in social democracy, socialism and communism.  Obamacare is a vast government takeover of our healthcare system and takes away the decision making from you and your doctor and puts it in the hands of a few bureaucrats.  These bureaucrats makes the rules on who gets what treatment and who lives and dies and who is worth saving and who isn’t.   More importantly, the individual mandate allows the federal government to force you to purchase something.  If this law is allowed to stand, where does the government’s ability to force you as an individual to buy a good or service or to do something end?  If you’re an able bodied individual and you don’t have health insurance, here’s  a novel concept—get a job where they offer insurance as a benefit or else get a job and pay for it yourself.  If you’re an able bodied individual capable of working, it shouldn’t be my responsibility or your neighbor’s responsibility to pay for your healthcare.  Someone has to pay for it; it isn’t free contrary to popular belief.  If you believe Obamacare is a good policy, you’re probably a subversive.  After all, universal healthcare goes against everything that we as a nation or any capitalist nation stand for. 


·         You support Occupy Wall Street


If you are one of the mindless, lazy, ignorant individuals who supports the Occupy movement, you really have no clue how the world works.  Capitalism created your iPhone and iPod and iPad.  Capitalism is what created your Prius.  Capitalism resulted in the create of the technology you use.  Capitalism convinced you that you need a Starbucks or a bottled water.  Capitalism resulted in the creation and proliferation of social media—Twitter, Facebook, and the likes.  Capitalism provides you with cheap goods from Wal-Mart.  Capitalism resulted in the creation of the video games you play in your parents’ basement while you don’t work.  You can thank capitalism for the pharmaceutical products you use to treat the sexually transmitted disease you picked up from some skank you picked up in the tent city during your occupy movement.  Guess what?  These are all businesses.  They’re all making money whether you understand that or not.  They’re not doing these things out of the goodness of their hearts.  They’re doing it to make money.  If you want to destroy capitalism, you can kiss all those things good bye.  Consider the former USSR.  Hell, they couldn’t feed their people, keep the lights on, provide adequate health care or life saving treatments, good cars, and the list goes on.  If you want that kind of life, get the hell out of here.  If you don’t support capitalism, you obviously favor either socialism or communism or some form of those philosophies.  If you support the occupy movement, you evidently are brain dead, you’re not competent to vote, you don’t contribute anything positive to society, you’re lazy, and you’re a loser.  Why is it that you don’t have a future?  It’s not because of the big bad businesses or capitalism—it’s because you’re lazy and ignorant.     


·         You want everything to be fair


Here’s a news flash:  Life isn’t fair.  It never has been fair and it never will be fair.  If you want everyone to have the same amount of everything because it’s fair, you’re a communist.  If you want something, work for it.  You may not be able to have it today, but if you work hard and make sacrifices along the way you can ultimately get what you want.  Sadly, the people who decry that it isn’t fair that someone has more than what they do are the same people who are lazy and don’t want to work. Case in point—the entitlement generation of you people who feel they are entitled to everything but don’t want to work for it.  How did this happen?  Their parents spoiled them and didn’t want them to have to work for anything.  They didn’t teach their children about values and the value of dollar and about hard work and rewards for hard work.  No, parents failed their children by giving them everything they wanted and not making their children make choices, do without, or make sacrifices.  They raised a generation of kids who wanted it to be Christmas every day!


Oh, and how about the people who are being subsidized by the federal government…welfare recipients, college students who are getting loans to go through college and live on, people who have milked the unemployment system without ever even looking for a job.  These are people who expect everything to be handed to them, because they don’t want to take a menial job that they feel is beneath them.  Why should I work when I can sit at home on my fat ass playing video games and get Uncle Sam to send me a government check?  It’s not fair that I don’t have a nice car, so I want the government to give me one or take one from someone else and give to me.  I need to make more money sitting here playing video games, so why doesn’t the government tax the people who are working and making money so that I can have some more folding money to go buy cigarettes, alcohol, and video games.  


Where has this led?  A whole generation and group of people who don’t want to work for anything and want it handed to them and expect the government to hand it to them.  Oh, and if you have something more than they do because you actually worked hard and earned a good living and made money and made wise decisions and didn’t waste money on frivolities, they want the government to take from you and give to them. Why?  Because that’s what would be fair.  If you subscribe to this way of thought, you’re definitely a subversive…whether you realize it or not.   

There are only 3 signs here...

Look for the next blog post to finish this up tomorrow!


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