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7 Stupid Issues in America Today - Issue #7 Political Correctness

Posted by Digger Cartwright
Digger Cartwright
Robert “Digger” Cartwright is the author of several mystery stories, teleplays, and novels including The Versa...
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on Thursday, 26 April 2012 in Politics

7 Stupid Issues in America Today


Americans and the media regularly debate a host of social, moral, and religious issues. It is alarming to

see the emotion that many individuals have invested in these issues. Clearly, emotions have clouded

the rational judgment and logic of these individuals. It is good to be passionate about what you believe

in, but such passion is a detriment when trying to work to solve the problems of America and society

and often leads to divisiveness and animosity towards those with opposing views.


The debates seem to intensify during each election cycle when the politicians are grilled on their

positions and beliefs on some very divisive social issues. There are many clearly established laws that

relate to the issues being debated. While it may be interesting to see how politicians or candidates feel

about these issues in helping decide who gets your vote, their positions are largely irrelevant as their

ability to change established laws is somewhat limited. Further, these issues are irrelevant when it

comes to solving the greater challenges of America and restoring our greatness as a nation.


To me, it seems like there are seven stupid issues that people talk about, particularly in an election year,

and to which they attribute too much importance.




Political Correctness—This one really gets under my skin, as I’m sure it gets under your skin too.

We can’t call people fat or short. We can’t use the term midget or dwarf. We can’t say retard.

If you’re offended by certain terminology, get thicker skin. It’s not like these terms are a slur

or racist. They’ve been perfectly acceptable terminology for decades. You can be politically

correct if you want, but don’t look down your nose at me because I’m not.


Oh, and let’s not forget that we have to preface ‘American’ with something else like African,

Italian, Chinese, Japanese. If you’re an American, why do you have to preface it with some

other nationality. If you’re more proud of that than you are of being an American, go there.

They’ll be glad to have you and you can live happily ever after.


Kids can’t lose these days. If you’re on the winning team, you get a medal and a pizza party.

And if you’re on the losing team, you also get a medal and a pizza party. There are no losers in

today’s society. Guess what kids. The real world doesn’t work that way. There are winners and

losers. You’re one or the other. Get used to it—it’s reality.


We can’t talk about Christianity or celebrate Christian holidays because it may offend someone.

This country was founded on Christian values. If you’re of another faith, you’re welcome here


and we’ll tolerate you, but we’re not going to bend over backwards for you and marginalize

Christianity because you don’t like it. Did you hear about the university recently that stopped

recognizing Christian holidays because some Muslim or Buddhist complained? Ridiculous. What

do you think would happen if we went to Tehran and complained about their taking off Islamic

holidays? What do you think they would do to a Christian who complained? Got news for you,

you wouldn’t live long enough to find out. There’s an old saying…When in Rome, do as the

Romans do.


A friend recently criticized me over my objection to political correctness, saying I was

insensitive. I find that quite offensive. I’m not saying we should deprive someone of their

ability to worship freely or make them drink from a different water fountain or use a different

bathroom or whatever. Political correctness has been taken way too far. If you’re too sensitive

or you’re afraid of hurting someone’s feelings, get over it. The world is tough and can be a lot

crueler than getting called fat or being called a midget or having to listen to a Christian prayer at

a pep rally or seeing a nativity scene in front of the courthouse at Christmas. We’ve got bigger

problems in this world. Channel your energies spent on political correctness to solving some

real problems. We would be a lot better off. Otherwise, get a life.



As history has shown (think Prohibition), attempts to legislate morality have generally failed miserably.

Legal or illegal, people are going to do what they want. Prohibition made alcohol illegal, but it didn’t

stop people from drinking. Ultimately, Prohibition was repealed. Drugs are illegal, but people still

choose to use them. We’re not going to stop that. In the larger picture, don’t we as a nation have more

important issues than those I’ve outlined? If we’re all dead because the terrorists attack us, does any of

this really matter? If our nation is bankrupt and our financial system collapses, does this really matter?

If the federal government continues to amass unprecedented powers and our liberties are taken from

us, do these issues really matter? These issues only create negative energy that detracts from the real

issues. Let’s focus our energies on issues that we can collectively resolve to make America stronger,

more secure, and financially stable. Without that, these other issues don’t really matter and only divide

us more than they unite us. The enemies of liberty will attempt to exploit the people on these issues,

preying upon their emotions, distracting them while their freedom comes under attack and is stealthily

snatched away.


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Thank you!


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Robert “Digger” Cartwright is the author of several mystery stories, teleplays, and novels including The Versailles Conspiracy, a modern day political thriller, and Murder at the Ocean Forest, a traditional mystery novel set in the 1940s. Mr. Cartwright is also a noted industrialist, investor, and director of several private companies. In the business realm, he has contributed to a number of articles on a wide range of financial, strategic planning, and policy topics and is the contributing author of several finance/economic books. He frequently contributes articles, commentaries, and editorials for the private think tank, Thinking Outside the Boxe. He divides his time between Washington, D.C., South Carolina, and Florida.


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